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C L I F F  G I L K E R   P A R K

Cliff Gilker Regional Park, a five minute drive from ART HOUSE SUITE is the jewel of Roberts Creek and a must-see.

Located on the east side of the road at 3110 Sunshine Coast Highway, this park has several well-maintained pathways which meander through towering old growth Red Cedars and Douglas Fir, between the tumbling waters of Clack and Roberts Creeks. 

Colour-coded paths ramble over unique wooden bridges and between waterfalls. 
The multiple trails intersect one another and altogether  take 2-3 hours to complete, although you can take a shorter path for a short 30 minutes. A little longer if you spend some time enjoying the scenery. 

A truly wild park: smell the cedar, see varieties of fern, mushroom, salal. The hiking-only park is a popular destination for families, photographers and hikers. 

Four walking hiking trails are well marked and are all loop trails to explore in the park.
The park has washroom facilities, playground and a small parking lot area.

Access to Cliff Gilker Park: Follow Hwy 101 north from Gibsons, BC for 10 km (6 mi.) or drive south on Hwy 101 from Sechelt BC to Roberts Creek. The Cliff Gilker Park is on the east side of Hwy 101 at 3110 Sunshine Coast Highway. It is right by the Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club.


We never take a holiday, especially in summer. It's so beautiful right here, where we live. We just have to step outdoors to be in a state of wonder and joy. Visual beauty is so important for us, as artists. Gord's favourite morning ritual is sitting in the chair with his coffee and listening to the morning sounds, the birds, the wind, the cat. It's so quiet here.

We decided to take a day trip holiday and end up at Art House Suite. What could we do within striking distance of Roberts Creek? For breakfast, The Black Bean in Lower Gibsons for their yummy Veggie Breakfast Sandwich.  We strolled Gibsons Landing: the art galleries, restaurants, shops. A dress for $15 at Starlet Vintage. But we wanted to strike out. Lunch at Straight Coffee Traders in Wilson Creek, the best coffee on the coast. Then we headed up coast, past the winding roads of Middlepoint, past Joni Mitchell's driveway, past Ruby Lake (our favourite within-striking-distance summer destination) to Egmont.  Gord had wanted to experience the West Coast Wilderness Lodge.

We had to stop by the side of the road because the lakes were so stunning.  

It was so quiet you could hear the sound of bird's wings, you could see the little creatures making their small droplet disturbances on the clean water. We saw the reflection of the big sky and watched the wind make patterns on the surface.  Then a few cars carved up the sound space, and I could really hear how loud city life can be. 

We arrived at West Coast Wilderness Lodge about 4 PM. There's something about sky, and beauty and  fresh air rest that makes you tired. We sat on the deck there, in the big chair just soaking it up.

We sat down to order dinner just before six.  Our waiter was from Gibsons. The food excellent. We got back to Art House at 8:30, just as the sun was draining out of the sky.  Tomorrow: Cliff Gilker Park. Or  Roberts Creek beach, Gumboot Garden and the Sorbet Shack in the heart of the Creek. 

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